Obscuro is a decentralized Ethereum Layer-2 Rollup protocol designed to achieve privacy, scalability and prevent Maximal Extractable Value. It brings innovative capabilities to new and existing Dapps through Privacy, allowing for more use cases without any sacrifices or friction when moving to Obscuro. “A layer 2 is a separate blockchain enabling fast and cheap transactions for the base layer, while it inherits the security, data availability and access to liquidity.”

Resumen del proyecto

TEEs – Privacy

Obscuro leverages hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) for encrypting the ledger. It is built on Intel’s SGX technology and is designed to confidentially deliver guarantees with certainty over the code running. Essentially, it allows for smart contracts, decentralization, scalability, and privacy in a way other privacy techniques can not provide.

Proof of Block Inclusion Protocol (POBI) – Confidential Roll-Ups
While Ethereum nodes process the winner from the previous round, a new one begins. Aggregators process transactions submitted by users. They then take the Merkle proof of block inclusion (POBI) and feed it to their TEE. Through that, each TEE replies with a random nonce. The aggregator with the lowest nonce wins the round, and the rollup is published to an Ethereum block.


$OBX – Utility token on the Obscuro chain

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 | Seed supply: 90,000,000
  • Use Cases: Incentives and rewards for node operators, fee payments, vote on proposals for changes, incentives for the ongoing development (e.g., grants)


The fully doxxed core team, consisting of 9 full-time team members. Most of them come from a company called R3. R3 is a corporation making use of DLT to build applications while also building a confidential computing development platform for regulated industries where trust is critical. Companies using their services include Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, ING, NASDAQ, Credit Suisse, and many more.

  • James Carlyle (CEO)
    Chief Information Officer and Chief Engineer at R3, Chief Engineer for Personal and Corporate Banking Architecture at Barclays Bank
  • Tudor Malene (CTO)
    Senior/Lead Engineer at R3, filed a patent for a notary system for a distributed ledger while working for R3
  • Gavin Thomas (COO)
    Head of PMO and Engineering COO at R3
  • Mike Ward (Head of Strategy)
    Head of Product at R3, Product Business Group Lead and Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

Inversores y partners

$2.5M (Pre-Seed Round): Incubated by R3


Layer 2 Privacy Centric Solutions




Private NFTs
Frictionless moving between L1 and L2s, security against front-running, privacy trading

Dark Pool Trading
Trading securities hidden, until execution is done

Computational privacy

Private Agreements
Sealed auctions & service-level agreements

Privacy focused on-chain KYC



7.8k Members


Testnet | Seed


TGE: After the Obscuro testnet is substantially complete

Mainnet Launch: H1 2023


  • Very experienced team in Web3 development
  • EVM dApps can leverage the privacy, without any sacrifice (ease of onboarding)
  • Well aware and transparent about their challenges and plans
  • Superior tech in the L2 space
  • New use cases for enterprises / institutions
  • No friction in UX


  • Unclear TGE date
  • Potential privacy regulations