Research summary


Analog is a true Layer-0 protocol that ushers in the omnichain future, secured with the Proof-of-Time consensus mechanism.

Project summary

Analog is designed as the “Blockchain of Blockchains” with the notion that no single decentralized platform can solve everything.

Analog is the first Omnichain network in the world that unites in a safe way an entire ecosystem of chains, users and Blockchain assets through validated event data, offering web 3 interoperability.

In this regard, the Analog network allows sovereign Blockchains -each with its own consensus protocol, use case, design, and tokens- to seamlessly interoperate, while benefiting from the network’s scalability and security.

Blockchains are experiencing liquidity fragmentation. Liquidity is fragmented and exits in isolation. Analog's solution is to connect all existing and new Blockchains across Analog and Proof of Time, therefore you get the liquidity with no fragmentation, enabling a timed, multi-chain order book DEX/AMM where bids are partially-filled.



A globally dispersed team of more than 27 people experts in physics, cryptography, computer science, economics and fintech systems.

  • Victor Young
    Co-Founder and CEO. Computer scientist and serial investor with decades of experience in guiding early-stage startups (web 2.0/web 3.0) into successful companies. He has been in the startup ecosystem for several years, having first-hand experience with challenges and the success factors that upcoming companies—especially in the web3 space—face.
  • Sanchal Ranjan
    Co-Founder and product specialist. He also is co-founder and CEO of ZiffyHome. He previously worked at Deloitte as a consultant. He attended the National Institute of Technology Karnataka

Investors & partners

Investors: Binance, Outliers fund, Tribe Capital, Orange DAO, Wintermute, Better Capital, Cryptology Asset Group, Metabit Trading, X Fund, Alumni Ventures, Master Ventures, Black Label Media, Fred Smith (Fundador FedEx), Castle Seal, Basecamp, Exponet, XYO Network, Mentha, Web3.ja, Andromeda Capital, Balaji Srinivasan (Ex CTO Coinbase), Joi lto, Sashil Bloom, Shaan Puri, Lark Davis, Kei Oda, Yo Nakagawa...




Proof of time Consensus

PoT is an environmentally sustainable, verifiably secure, and scalable consensus algorithm that validates event data on the Analog network.

Network Timechain

It's Analog's ledger. It contains validated blocks linked together through cryptography to form a long chain.

Tesserac nodes

Tesseract nodes are particular time nodes that fetch event data from external chains. Any node can join the network as a Tesseract and fetch event data from external networks.


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