Research summary


Odsy provides a secure, programmable, decentralized access layer to all of web3 through dWallets.

Project summary

Odsy Network is a blockchain that will revolutionize the world of cryptography by offering decentralized and secure access control that allows users to have full control of their assets. The Odsy network will become the main access layer for all Web3, and serve as infrastructure to bring trustless access control to any network.

The Odsy dWallet technology allows users to create a decentralized wallet that lives on the blockchain and is linked to a smart contract wallet, ensuring robust and secure access control. This means that users do not have to rely on centralized solutions and can have full control of their assets.

In addition, Odsy is solving critical problems in cryptography, such as speed, scalability, and security, making it a project with great growth potential. With Odsy, fully decentralized solutions can be built, making it a key technology for the future of the industry.



Odsy boasts a top-notch team, including the former CEO of the Algorand Foundation and the President of the Cardano Foundation

  • Omer Sadika
    Co-Founder and CEO. Successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in technology, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency. He is the co-founder of Odsy Network and the founder and CEO of dWallet Labs. He also created the API security category and founded Salt Security, the first company in the field.
  • Sean Lee
    Council member and executive director. He is a co-founder of Odsy Network, senior advisor to the Crypto Council for Innovation and former CEO of the Algorand Foundation. He is also a mentor at the Crypto Impact and Sustainability Accelerator World Economic Forum and at the MIT Entrepreneurship & FinTech Innovation Node.
  • David Lachmish
    Co-founder and Council member. David Lachmish is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in creating technological companies. He is a co-founder of Odsy Network and dWallet Labs. Lachmish has held leadership roles in products and technology at several companies based in Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Nathan Kaiser
    Nathan Kaiser is a Swiss and Taiwanese national, lawyer in Zurich, previously also in Hong Kong, Taipei and Berlin. Nathan advises fintech companies on digital and policy matters as well as on their presence in the international market. He was previously affiliated with the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University, the General Counsel of the Swiss Digital Exchange (SDX), and the President of the Cardano Foundation.

Investors & partners

Investors: DCG y Node Capital. Other relevant investors are Lightshift, Collider, Lemniscap, Amplify, Token Bay Capital, etc. In total, there were 27 investors participating in pre-seed round. And they were 3x oversubscribed




Digital Asset Custody

  • For Publishers: Their gateway to enter in Web3 and increase their exposure
  • For gamers: They can gain rewards while enjoying new experiences
  • For investors: New bussines model combining gmaification, crypto NFTs and traditional gaming

Multi-Chain decentralized Organizations

Granular Access Sharing, Delegation and Control

  • Delegated Asset Management
  • Self Imposed Restrictions
  • Employee expense management
  • Household financial management
  • Real World Fiancial Instruments
  • Indentity


Interoperable Infrastructure and DeFi

dWallet Marketplace



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