Research summary


ParallelChain Lab (formerly known as Digital Transaction Limited) is a blockchain technology company focusing on the research and development of ParallelChain, the blockchain infrastructure powering the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Project summary

ParallelChain powers two layer-one blockchain platforms:ParallelChain Private and ParallelChain Mainnet. The formeris a business-native permissioned platform poweringmarket-ready software built for specific business purposes,while the latter is an open-source blockchain platformwhere developers can build and deploy decentralizedapplications using smart contracts. ParallelChain nativelysupports Turing-complete smart contracts written indeveloper-friendly languages such as Rust and GO.



Fully doxxed team with 40+ members

  • Ian Huang
    Founder, CEO and Chief Architect Board Director. Ian is an Ifraestructure Technologist. He contributed to the inventions of realtime multi-tasked OS, semiconductor design, dataflow and reduced instruction set CPU designs, multi-threaded I/O, deterministic and stochastic network protocol, and integration of synchronized and asynchronized systems
  • Dr. Anthony Woo
    CFA, CAIA, FRM, Director of Strategy. PhD and MS, The University of Hong Kong MBA Harvard; BBA (Summa Cum Lauda); UC Berkeley. Former J.P. Morgan and ex- Morgan Stanley
  • Kelvin Lam
    Chief Engineer. BSc, City University of Hong Kong. Kelvin is specialising in algorithm design and latency-sensitive applications. He was software engineer at Thomson Reuters
  • Panagiotis Simatis
    Director of Data Science Engineering. MPhil, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. MS, University of Ioannina. Former researcher at and HKUST, and an A.I. & Database Engineer at Numethos.

Investors & partners

Technology Partners: CyLab, Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme, AWS, Trivver, ESIX, Motherapp, GS1 Hong Kong, Titanium Technologies

Business Partners: IBM, Paywiser, Digital China, NEXUS WorldBook

Media Partners: CoinCodex, Asia Token Fund




ParallelChain Private

  • Transactions Per Second (Single Chain): 120.000 TPS+
  • Transaction Confirmation: ~0.003 second
  • Right to be Forgotten
  • Using Multi-Biometrics for user registration: Secured and Trusted Access using e-KYC

TW: 73.7k Followers

DC: 4.75k Members


TGE: March 2023