Research summary


SagaChain™ is a new, single-layer, layer-1 blockchain – designed to enable the storage and transaction of global data.

Project summary

PraSaga™ has developed some truly innovative solutions to problems faced by other layer-one blockchains. SagaChain™ is built on SagaOS™ (their network operating system) which runs applications written in SagaPython™ (modified Python) providing a secure, completely decentralized, object-oriented chain, with lightning fast transactions and limitless scalability. SagaChain™ is a new, single-layer, layer-1 blockchain – designed to enable the storage and transaction of global data. It’s Fast – data transactions run in parallel (so they are not queued) and are verified almost instantly. It’s Secure – stored data is encrypted and can be enclaved, plus transactions use a custom-built. consensus model. It’s Powerful – built on an object-oriented framework, everything is stored on chain – accounts, data and our innovative, Smart Assets™. Easy-to-use – SagaChain™ runs on nodes using SagaOS, and applications are built using SagaPython™



  • Michael Holdmann
    CEO. Michael is an experienced and successful leader and strategist. he has been involved in Telecom/Internet since the early 1980's. In 1998 he founded one of the world’s first ASP’s (old term for Cloud). Now he is focused on IoT and Smart Cities global industry
  • David Beberman
    Chief Technology Officer. In 30+ years of hardware design and software engineering has developed 50+ netowork protocols for the high speed INternet IP stack.  He is called The Father of "NAT/PAT" (Network Address Translation and PortAddress Translation) and solved key internet netowrk collition issues.
  • Jay Moore
    Chief Marketing Officer. An entrepreneur, human connector, and 25+ years veteran of the gaming industry. He's a start-up business consultant focused on community branding, team building and community development.

Investors & partners

World-class partners: Bosch, Accenture, DELL, Deloitte, J&J, PWC, Honeywell, IBM, SAP





SagaChain™ enables the development of secure, reliable and accessible healthcare applications – improving on and seemlessly integrating with all areas from patient to professional

SagaChain™ enables supply chains to build a digitized line of communication and object-oriented data sharing mechanism between vendors and suppliers.


Lightning fast transactionS

On SagaChain™, shards uniquely execute transactions in parallel – so there are no delays waiting for prior transactions to complete.

Highly resistant to attack
Using a hybrid PoW/PoS mechanism for consensus means SagaChain™ is one of the most secure blockchain.

Inherently protected assets
SagaChain™ creates an underlying global foundation for all transactions while protecting individual sovereignty and ownership of all assets


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Listing: Q2 2023