Research summary


Stage is a music 3.0 social network with a TikTok-like experience owned by fans and artists, inspired by The Voice

Project summary

STAGE is a project aimed at addressing issues in the music industry, such as the domination of major record labels and the role of intermediaries taking most of the profits. It aims to empower artists to make a living from their talent, bring power back to fans, and give fans the opportunity to share in artist success as they become famous. They intend to do this through "Always competitions", "TikTok-like experience" and "Rare Stage Cards (NFTs)". Also, STAGE will later introduce an in-app NFT marketplace to allow artists to issue their own social tokens for fans to buy, tied to their off-chain revenue. STAGE works in 3 simple steps: 1) Artists upload short video performances to one of our genre-based or themed competitions. 2) Fans pay to vote for their favourite artists, in exchange for STAGE Badges - one-of-a-kind digital tokens, loaded with unique rewards and exclusive access. 3) Artists take a 60% cut of the money spent voting for them. Down the line, fans will be able to trade their STAGE Badges, which increase in value with the artist’s fame, or keep them to show off their fandom.



  • Francisco Quartin de Macedo
    Co-Founder and CEO Previously scaling and leading trading desk at Double PhD in Data Science
  • Geoffrey Doyen
    Co-founder & CTO. Ex founder & principal data scientist at Consultative, AI neural solutions to Fortune 500 clients
  • André Cruz
    Co-founder & Board Member. Musician & E-Commerce guru. 2 exited ventures ($2M/year). Runs social network with 10M+ followers
  • Parker Howard
    CMO. Digital creative, strategist and visionary. Previously of Adidas, Chelsea FC and Tunepics
  • Thomas Chrétien
    Designer, worked with Redbull & Airbnb. Dedicated one third of his life building digital products
  • Stuart Sugarman
    Head of Business. Ex-Vice Chairman at Cohen&Company fund. Specialised in Emerging Growth and Tech.
  • Felix Howard
    Advisor. A&R director at BMG Records. Signed Calvi Harris, Lana del Rey and more.
  • Silvia Chen
    Advisor. Head of Product at exchange

Investors & partners

Jerry Heil: 301k+ followers on Instagram
Tohi: 12.1M followers on Instagram




Ethereum and after that they will migrate to Polygon before MCP iOS app



Watch artists' music performances in competitions on the STAGE app.

Your vote = Stage Card™ a unique digital collectible packed with unprecedented artist prizes – such as a 10min Zoom call once a year

Discover the next top star, use your Stage Card to be in the spotlight or trade it to other fans – it's as valuable as your artist gets famous


TW: 35.3k Followers

DC: 20.8k Members

TG: 25k Followers